I found the staff really helpful during my recovery. Communicating with my case manager, doctor and community support worker was a key thing. They could see my condition from a more experienced perspective outside of my own. At first I did not realise that I had an illness because I felt normal. However, my family was concerned about me and searched desperately for help. We finally got help and I found the staff so caring and kind and wanting what was best for me.

Recovery was by no means speedy but with support from the staff and my family I reached a point where I am happy with myself and with life. My family is also happy to see how much I have progressed and how happy I am now.

I think that if you talk with the staff and tell them what your goals are then they can help you reach those goals so you do not feel as though you are missing out on anything. Be patient with yourself and with other people and, in time, if you keep improving yourself, you should find that you have taken a step forward in a good direction.

Best wishes with your journey